Our company was established with the title of M.Z.KİMYASAL.ÜR.VE TEM.MALZ.GIDA TURİZM SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. İn 2015. Our company is headquartered in İzmir, worldchem brand by producing industrial maintenance chemicals and cleaning products with professional sales team operates in all of Turkey.

Clean the Rails to Steps in Nature Friendship Century

The new century many technological products, while providing service to humanity and possibilities, ecological diversity, and irreparable damage on your Life by creating assets that are vital to our world consumes
Worldchem, we have to se production stages of r & d have us basic physical elements related to the environment; air, soil and water to the formation of harmful effects on preventive measures. The formulation of our products, are prepared to be eco-friendly.
Worldchem; the availability of raw materials to the final consumer product manufacturing and transportation process, so much so that environmentally-friendly technologies will continue to service by refreshing all the time.